5 Tips for excessing holiday time!


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For our very first memo, I suggest you to stay in the spirit of the season. At this time of the year, I feel that people are anticipating the frenzy of the holiday season. Whether you fear the excesses or a busy schedule, here are some tips to live this period with confidence.

1. Alcohol

Excessive consumption will have an impact on your training the next day. The best advice is moderation. Try to stay below two drinks a day for women and three drinks a day for men. To help you stay hydrated, opt for a festive mocktail: infuse sparkling water with cranberries and rosemary sprigs; pomegranate arils with lime and mint; or strawberries, lychee and basil!

2. Listen your satiety

Cc: Matt Czarnocki

Cc: Matt Czarnocki

The rhythm of the meals is running out of steam? Try to stay tuned for your satiety. No need to eat your dessert at the same time as everyone else if you are no longer hungry. Keep it for later in the evening when you can savor it fully. Some guests are even more than happy to let you leave with the rest ... But whether or not you exceed your appetite, remember that there is no guilt to have!

3. Survive Buffets

Your receptions are more buffet style and you are greedy? Make a first complete tour to see what you would like to taste, to get an idea of how to adjust your portions. Aim for a balanced plate: half in vegetables, a quarter in starch and a quarter in proteins. You participate in a potluck? Bring a side of vegetables, a nice way to guarantee that the recipe will be to your taste!

4. Planning to move


Between meetings at Aunt Ginette's house or dinner with long-time friends, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and forget about physical activity. You fear that this involuntary release affects your performance? If the motivation is lower for a training, plan some winter activities with family or friends; go slipping, skating, walking between meals or make a snowball battle if time permits! In addition to helping you recharge your batteries, you will have a special time with the people you love.

5. Avoid restrictions

Many of my clients say they arrive on an empty stomach at receptions in order to be able to eat more. Avoid skipping a meal, as this will cause more cravings and cause you to be less attentive to your satiety signals. Plan ahead of your receptions with light balanced meals that will fill up with fibers, vitamins and minerals, such as this meal salad!

Would you like to receive more personalized advice to your reality? Do not hesitate to contact a registered dietitian in your area to see how she can help you!


Louise-Audrey Joly

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