FRequently asked questions


May I register the day of the event?

Yes, you may. However, we accept only cash, credit card or checks as a payment. You have up to 30 minutes prior to your departure to register.

What kind of payment methods are accepted for your events?

You can register online and pay with a credit card. On the day of the event, we accept credit card, cash and cheques.

Are we allowed to transfer our entry (bib) to someone else?

Yes, entry transfers are allowed. Transfers have to be completed up until 30 minutes before your race departure. To complete a transfer, we need the full name, city of residence and birthdate of the person you are transferring it to. Furthermore, we need the consent of the person who is transferring his/her entry via e-mail or signed letter. You can contact support@inscriptionenligne.ca 10 days before the event or the day of the event.

Can I get a refund?

A registration is not refundable. However, entry transfers are allowed. It has to be completed up to 30 minutes before your race departure.

Can I change my distance?

Yes you can change your distance. If you decrease it (eg: from 10K to 5K), no additional fees will be charged. You have up until 30 minutes before your departure to make the change. However, in a case where the participant wishes to increase the distance (example: from 5K to 10K), the difference must be paid. The amount charged will be go according to the date of the change. There is no refund. Distances changes can be completed when you go get your runners’ kit in-store or the day of the event.

May I register for the 1K race even though I will not run with a child?

Yes, people from all ages can register for the 1K race. You will also receive a participation medal as well as a meal. ** Please note that only children under 11 years old are eligible to the podium ceremony in the overall category.

Adults who wish to run along with their children may run for free, although they will receive no participation medal or meal.

Procedure: At the start, adults must stand behind the group. After the start, parents who wish to run with their children can catch up and finish the race with them.

Are there reductions for groups and companies?

Yes, groups of more than 8 people are more than welcome! For further information, please click on the following link: http://coursesthematiques.com/forfaits/forfait-groupe-corporatif-equipe.

Can I register to many events at the same time?

Yes, we have many packages if you wish to participate to 2, 4 or 6 events. For more information, please click on the following link: http://coursesthematiques.com/forfaits/forfaits-2-4-et-6-courses#.WHlS-ksoxy0


When and where is my race kit pick-up?

Usually, you can pick-up your race kit the Friday and Saturday prior to the event, except for evening races.This information is available on the «Info course» tab of each event’s website. Please visit our website for our events’ calendar: http://coursesthematiques.com/. You can also pick-up your race kit the day of the race.

May I pick up someone else’s race kit?

Yes, you may pick up the race kit of a colleague, friend or family member. However, you have to show his or her proof of registration.

Which document do I have to bring to get my race kit?

You must bring your proof of registration or your ID.

Whom do I contact if I can’t find my proof of registration?

To have your proof of registration resent, write to the following e-mail address: support@inscriptionenligne.ca.


What happens if it’s raining or snowing?

Our races are held whether the weather is good or inclement, except in the case where the safety or health of runners is compromised.

How much time before my race departure time do I have to show up?

If you didn’t already pick up your race kit, you should be there one hour prior to the start of your race. If you already have your race kit, we recommend that you arrive at least 30 minutes before your start.

Are the events easy to get to by public transportation? Is there a parking lot close to the site?

Our races are taking place close to urban centers. Therefore, they are easy to get to by car or by public transportation. You will find detailed information and more on the «Info course» tab on each race’s website and on their Facebook page. Also, a newsletter will be sent a few days before the event. Please visit our website for the events’ calendar: http://coursesthematiques.com/.

What is the minimum speed?

For distances less than 10K, there is no minimum speed. However, for safety purposes, we require runners to respect the minimum speed of 8 minutes per kilometer for courses of 15K and more.

Are we allowed to run with a stroller in your event?

Yes, strollers are accepted. However, at the start, you must run behind the group, for safety purposes.

Are walkers welcome to your race?

Yes, walkers are welcome to our races. Our events also include a walking portion, both for for those doing brisk walking and those who only want to walk. Therefore, we hold a distinct medal ceremony. Walkers are required not to run intervals, meaning they could not alternate between running and walking. If you wish to do some intervals, you must register as a runner.

Are people with disabilities or reduced mobility welcome to your race?

Yes, they are. If the person requires assistance, the assistant will be allowed to run for free. wearing a number but no time-keeping bib or participating medal. However, his lunch will be provided. We ask people using a wheelchair to be at the end of the running pack.

Are there pace bunnies (pacers) on your circuit?

There will be pace bunnies for the marathon and the half-marathon during our event. If you wish to become a pacer, please send an e-mail at info@coursesthematiques.com.

Where can I find the race’s course?

The course for all races are available on the «Info course» tab of each of our event. Please visit our website for our events’ calendar: http://coursesthematiques.com/.

Can I qualify for Boston Marathon with the 42.2K race?

Yes, runners of the 42.2K in the Marathon SSQ Assurance de Longueuil and Marathon of Granby are eligible to qualify for the Boston Marathon. One the other hand, the 21.1K runners of the Marathon SSQ Assurance de Longueuil are eligible to qualify for the New-York’s half marathon. Our courses are flat and fast, therefore it is easy to improve your time.

Are we allowed to wear headphones?

You may run with headphones, but it is not recommended for safety reasons.

Are dogs allowed on the circuits of your events?

No, however, we do allow certified guide dogs in our regular events.

Is there a place where I can leave my personal belongings?

We have a Baggage check, where your personal belongings will be identified according to your bib number and kept safely. Even though the Baggage check is guarded at all times, we suggest not leaving valuable belongings. We do not take responsibility in case of loss or theft.

Will there be a child care service on-site?

There is no child care service on-site.

Is it possible to buy a t-shirt the day of the event?

Yes, it costs $ 12 taxes included at the Registration.

Can we buy an extra meal?

Yes, it costs $10 plus tax. Present yourself at the Registration area to pay the fee, we will mark you bib to inform the person in charge at the Food tent.


Where could I find my race time?

The results are printed on-site during the event. They are also available in real time on Sportstats website: https://www.sportstats.ca/

There is a mistake in my time, what can I do?

The official timekeeping company is Sportstats. Send them an e-mail at: corrections@sporstats.ca with your name, last name, distance, name of the race and your approximate time. Please note that a few days after the event, Sportstats adjusts the results.

Where could I find pictures of the event?

Pictures are free on the Facebook page of the event a few days later.